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I accept you went to my boudoir photography page on a suggestion of one of your companions, or possibly while looking for Boudoir Photography Sydney studio. Is it true that you are contemplating doing a boudoir photograph shoot?

There are the same number of motivations to shoot boudoir as there are ladies needing to do it. A portion of my female customers did it since it caused them to feel sure. Others, in light of the fact that the experience caused them to feel enabled and in charge of their life and body. You might be one of the numerous ladies who desired a boudoir photograph shoot basically in light of the fact that they needed lovely pictures for themselves, or for their other half. Shocking and hot photos they can keep and respect for a long time to come.

Whatever the explanation you arrived on my page, I invite you here and I will be glad to offer a support that will assist you with accomplishing your objectives.

Then again, I may simply be talking out of my gap, which I every so often do. Possibly you simply need pleasant, hot, boudoir pictures without being fooled into doing it by this new age, dynamic, female strengthening, feel-great BS. In the event that you need to shoot with me, simply email me. Boudoir Photography may not be for everybody, except since you arrived on my site, I believe you're as of now intrigued.

 Location for the boudoir photo shoot

I am based in Sydney, but I photographed boudoir as far as Hanoi, Vietnam. The most common location for a boudoir shoot is a hotel room or AirBnB in Sydney. Your own house is also an option and it may be the best options. I can help you find a place, but you will need to do the booking. I do suggest using your own home, as you will feel the most comfortable in your own home. For my style of boudoir photography we’ll just need a room with good natural light for a few hours.


Boudoir photography session fee $280

Session fee for boudoir photography covers the following

1. Up to 2 hours of photography with multiple wardrobe changes
2. Professional hair and makeup
3. Direction and posing to make sure you get the best photos, even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before
4. Professional retouching and editing of all images
5 Private online image gallery

The boudoir photography session fee does not cover any digital files or print products which can be purchased after the shoot has been processed. More information Visit here:

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